A Frame Hoist

The A Frame Hoist is Ideal For All Lifting Needs

If you have serious lifting needs, you need a serious hoist, one that can handle weights of one ton or greater. The best hoists for this type of lifting is an A frame hoist, which is capable of lifting weights as light as a few hundred pounds, toA Frame Hoist weights asheavy as 330 tons. The right hoist for you or your businessdepends entirely on what you will be using it for.

For example, lighter weight lifting needs such as those a cement company might have, would require an A frame hoist capable of lifting a few hundred tons. The 10 tonSpanco A Frame Gantry Crane, which can be picked up for $14,000 on average,can handle up to 10 tons of weight. This hoist would be sufficient for the lifting needs of most businesses.

On the other end of the spectrum, you havehoists like the EdererGantry crane, which can handle up to 400 tons of weight.Whilethis specific model doesn't fall into the category of the A framehoist, it is about as heavy duty as it gets, andis used by large agencies such as NASA. In fact, there's a Ederer Gantry crane listed on eBay for $600,000, which was built for the Nasa Space Center.

A Frame HoistOnline auction websites such as eBay are actually a good place to get your A frame hoist at a great price. While you typically think of these websites in terms of buying vintage items and collectibles, the truth is that they cater to a wide variety of shoppers. This includes businesses across all industries, including those with large scale lifting needs - as you can tell by the fact that eBay has a listing for a NASA hoist!

If you aren't sure what type of hoist would best meet your needs, then you'll want to think about the heaviest item you or your business might need to lift. Research hoists that can handle weights just above this weight, so that you have exactly what you need, plus a little more should the need arise. And when you get ready to start shopping for a A frame hoist, don't overlook the Internet as a valuable resource not only for researching hoists, but for finding ones on sale too.

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